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National Disability Services Online WHS

Each year over 100,000 Australians are injured at work. The responsibility to provide a safe and secure working environment is rapidly growing. Every business, regardless of size or type, is expected to comply with comprehensive WHS regulations that reduce the risk of injury to their employees.

What can NDS Online WHS offer you

The NDS Online WHS system is a unique offering specifically designed to benefit the Disability sector. Incorporating a powerful, yet easy to use WHS database, which records all policies and procedures and analyses hazards and incidents to identify suitable corrective actions. Disability Sector organisations also benefit from centralised policy and procedures that are developed through the industry governing body.

Benefits of an Online WHS System

An effective WHS Management system offers businesses many benefits such as:

  • Keep Clients, Employees and Contractors Safe
  • Minimising exposure to fines and penalties
  • Reducing compliance costs
  • Reducing stress
  • Protecting your insurance coverage
  • Enhancing your business reputation

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